All Amazing about Emilia Clarke Height, Weight, Net Worth

Emilia Clarke is a British actress famous for movies and TV series like Game of Thrones, Voice from the Stone, and so on.

Early Life of Actress Emilia Clarke

Euphemia Rose Clarke, known as Emilia Isobel, was born on 23 October 1986 in London. Clarke’s father was a theatre sound engineer from Wolverhampton. Her mother was a businesswoman.

How Emilia Clarke Started her Career

After completing graduation from the Drama Center London in 2010. Emilia got her first movie named Triassic Attack. In this movie Emilia acted as Savannah Roundtree.

After that an interesting fact happened to her, which changed her career totally. She replaced Tamzin Merchant in the Game of Thrones TV series. She is also famous for her character Sarah Connor in the movie Terminator Genesis released in 2015. She also acted in romantic comedy blockbuster movie Me Before You 2016 released.


Charity work by Emilia Clarke

Emilia is the ambassador of the Royal College of Nursing, London. For creating awareness about the working conditions of nurses in the UK. She started her own charity SameYou in 2019. The scheme aims to broaden neurorehabilitation access for young people after a brain injury or stroke. Clarke started a fundraiser to help raise funds for her COVID-19 fund.

Emilia’s Personal Life

She purchased a house worth $4.64 Million in 2016 in Venice Beach, California, then sold it in December 2020. Clarke’s family inspires her. My happiest place was just sitting and talking, with my mom, my brother, my dad, and I. Emilia loves her family very much.

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Emilia Clarke’s Achievements

Clarke has achieved many awards in her career. She was 4 times nominated for Primetime Emmy Awards. She has also received various Critics Choice Awards. She was awarded the British Artist of the Year Award in 2018. Record says she has been nominated for 47 awards yet and wins 12. Clarke was named the most desirable woman in the world by readers of AskMen in 2014. She was also on Glamour’s list of Best Dressed Women in 2017. She was also named in “Sexiest Woman Alive” by Esquire magazine in 2015.

Emilia Clarke Height, Weight and Bio

Emilia’s nickname is Mily. She is almost 157 centimeters in height. Weight around 52 kg. Her eye color is green, and her hair color is dark brown.

Less Known Facts about Emilia Clarke

Most people don’t know that Emilia suffered from a Life Threatening Brain Aneurysm. An aneurysm often looks like a berry hanging on a stem. It was during the shooting of the Game of Thrones series.

She just had 1 day to get ready for her audition for Game of Thrones.

Nude scenes in Game of Thrones made her cry as she was doing it for the first time. It was not easy for her to shoot the character, and she had taken a little break.

She is also a talented musician, and she also delivered it in a charismatic manner. She can play the piano, flute, and guitar.

She also worked for several jobs before Game of Thrones choice. She worked as a server, a bartender, a call center agent, and a licensed real estate agent.

Game of Thrones is not her favorite TV serial. Yes, everyone has own choices and in the case of Emilia it is true that GOT is not her favorite show. Her favorite television serial is the 1994 release “Friends”.

Net Worth of Emilia Clarke

As she is most successful in her job, her net worth is around $20 Million. She has a Cadillac Escalade that is worth $82,864. She also owns a Toyota Prius with a value of $30,910. Adding an Audi A8.

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