Top 10 Greatest Football Moments Ever in History

As you all know Football is one of the most popular games across the globe. We will know about top football moments in thi blog.

1- Real Madrid win European Cup Final in 1960

It was the match between Real Madrid of Spain and Eintracht Frankfurt of West Germany. Real Madrid was having a hard time in the first 18 minutes of the game. Then they started counter-attack by understanding the weakness of Eintracht Frankfurt. Real Madrid then never looked back in that match full of enthusiasm, they won the match by 7-3 in front of 127000 people at Hampden Park Stadium in Glasgow. It was one of the greatest football moments in history.

2- Rossi’s magic of Italy to Defeat Brazil

In the FIFA World Cup 1982, it was the final second round group stage match for Group C. Italian striker Paolo Rossi scored a hat-rick and Brazil were eliminated from the World Cup. This was one of the greatest matches and finest football moments as both teams were at equal goals of 2-2 till 73 minutes.

In the 74th minute, striker, Rossi scored a goal, and it was a hat-rick for him in this match, leading Italy to the Semi-Final and Brazil got knocked out.

3- Uruguay broke Brazilian Hope

In 1950 World Cup events, it was the final stage match between Uruguay and Brazil. The Brazilians were sure to win against Uruguay. Their performances were spectacular. It was Brazil’s home ground, Maracanã Stadium in Rio de Janeiro. But what happened in that match was become an all-time great.

The match was going so tight at 1-1 goal in front of 200000 fans. With only 11 minutes left of the match to complete, Ghiggia, a right-winger of Uruguay’s team, scored a dream goal to defeat Brazil. Uruguay won the match, and it was one of the greatest football moments.

4- England vs Hungary 1953 Football match

The match was played on 25 November 1953 at Empire Wembley Stadium. Hungary scored in the first minute. Hungary was the better team technically and with planned tactics. Bozski (player of Hungary) made a goal at 53 minutes to make it a 5-2 lead. Hidegkuti completed his hat-trick in the 55th minute with 6-2. Finally, Hungary won the match with a 6-3 score. It was an easy win for Hungary, and they have created history by winning 24 unbeaten games. It was a record and one of the biggest football moments.

5- When West Germany beat Title Favorite Hungary in 1954

It was the 5th FIFA World Cup final match between West Germany and Hungary in Bern, Switzerland. The game was played at the Wankdorf Stadium. Germany didn’t lost any match in nearly 4 years before the world cup. They were the favorites of that world cup. But West Germany won the match in a miraculous way of 3-2. It was an unexpected upset. The 1954 world cup was one of the greatest football moments in the history.

6- Diego Maradona Goal of the Century

It was the match between England vs Argentina in the Quarter-Final of the FIFA World Cup 1986. It was a very tight match with a goal of 1-1. Maradona showed good footwork and dodged the best half of the English squad to reach his final position. England played well in the first half, but when Maradona kicked the ball into the net in the 51st minute all the game had changed. Finally, Maradona’s miraculous goal led to a 2-1 victory, and history has been written. It was also a controversial match.

7-Leicester City won the Premier League Title

Leicester City achieved the impossible and lifted the Premier League title in 2015/2016. Leicester did the impossible by beating legends such as Arsenal, United and Chelsea. The same team suffered relegation that season before proving anything happened in football. This was one of the greatest football moments of the modern era.

8- European Cup Final 1962

This match was held at Olympisch Stadion on 2nd May 1962. Where Portuguese giants Benfica met Real Madrid. Benfica defeated Real Madrid by 5-3 and won the title for the second consecutive session. Ference Puska of Real Madrid became the first player to have scored a hat-trick in multiple European Cup finals. He was the only one to ever score four goals in a European Cup final in 1960 and the first to score a hat-trick in the European Cup final but ended up on the losing side. In the second half Benfica played well and scored goals early. Eusebio of Benfica then took charge to goal twice to secure the victory. It was one of the greatest football moments.

9- The Netherlands own a stellar in last moment

It was the World Cup quarterfinal match on 4th July 1998. Till the 89th minutes of the match, the score was 1-1. Then what happened that is history. Frank De Boer of the Netherlands hits the ball from 60 yards to the sky and Dennis Bergkamp was there waiting for the ball. As the ball reaches to him and then twists the ball to hit the net, and it was a goal. Netherlands won a stellar last minute to make it one of its greatest football moments.

10- Manchester United vs Bayern Munich

It was the match played on 26 May 1999 at Camp Nou in Barcelona, Spain. It was the match to decide the winner of the 1998-1999 UEFA Champions League. Two goals during injury time from Manchester United’s Teddy Sheringham and Ole Gunnar Solskjr gave a 2-1 goal lead to win the match. After the match was done, match referee Pierluigi Collina said it was one of the memorable matches of his career.

Manchester United became the most popular English club after this game started with huge popularity. The noise from the crowd in the match was named as a lion’s roar and this match was one of the finest football moments.

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